We are very pleased that you are an early adopter of Analytics Foundation. We hope you will join us as we develop Analytics Foundation. By applying for membership, you agree to these terms.


This agreement will provide you exclusive, personal license, with rights to use the badge ‘Pioneer Member’ or similar, along with the Analytics Foundation logo, on all professional and academic items. This includes but is not limited to social channels, resumes or within other professional or academic discourse and entitles only such members to purchase so branded apparel from Analytics Foundation.


Exceptions to this license, includes commercial uses, such as creation of apparel or resale of items so branded, which must have the explicit agreement of Analytics Foundation for anyone to produce.


Once your application for membership is approved, please feel free to tag yourself as a Pioneer Member on social channels and display your membership proudly on LinkedIn and your resume.


Service provided:

Pioneer Membership is a discounted membership for the first 12 months, thereafter renewed every 365 days of membership. Benefits of Pioneer Membership include listing your involvement on your social media/resume if you choose and having access to various aspects of the startup nonprofit.


Members will be given exclusive access to the attention of nonprofits looking to engage with members through the foundation, for a variety of services, specifically, business analytics and similar.


Members will have exclusive access to member Groups, peer events and exclusive discounts for Pioneer Members, as the opportunities arise.


Members will have access to items, materials, apparel and other benefits exclusive to the prestige of the Analytics Foundation and Pioneer Membership.


Please do not infringe on any copyrighted materials or proprietary information and abide by any Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) with clients. Do not spam other members and do not share confidential information, such as member contact information and other datasets. Membership cannot be assigned to anyone else and is non-transferable. If any of the requirements are broken, a fee or termination of membership might be assessed. All membership rights and privileges extend to active, current members in good standing.


Analytics Foundation reserves the right to review any content added by members, particularly in the case of a website with forums or other community features. We reserve the right to take down content deemed inappropriate. We ask that you act responsibly when # Analytics Foundation.

Privacy is important to us. We plan to use your information for internal communication and related purposes and will not sell your contact information.

Contact information for Analytics Foundation: support@analyticsfoundation.org