We know the pain of a nonprofit (trust us, we’re one too). We know you have to juggle multiple demands and you have to prioritize to get things done. The latest trends in business analytics and state-of-the-art business models hold promise in guiding all types of organizations to better success, across every domain - even nonprofits. You want to access the potential these domains offer but we also know the talent for this is not inexpensive or readily accessible.

That’s where we come in. Analytics Foundation is here to help connect you with capable practitioners in data science, business analytics, and other related fields. These practitioners offer low-cost, high-quality access to some of the latest thinking and techniques. Their aim? To develop their portfolios while partnering with you to uncover insights for your nonprofit. It’s that simple.


We don’t get in the way of communication, your operation, your relationship, or the transaction. All we do is bring you and these practitioners together. So please, search through our directory of practitioners and find your match today!