What Is Analytics Foundation?

The Analytics Foundation is a nonprofit platform, connecting professionals and recent graduates in analytics and data science skills to clients who need help in making decisions with data.

We seek first and foremost to provide opportunities for both new practitioners and nonprofits, which cannot always compete for analytics talent with their big budget peers.

How Does It Work?

Our practitioners are located in our public directory, which is open to all potential clients; nonprofit, for profit or otherwise. You are able to view and reach out to our practitioners for free.

All relationships are handled between clients and members directly, on terms agreed to by both parties. The foundation does not stand in the middle, taking no transaction fee or cost to browse or communicate.

You have direct access to any practitioner you choose to work with. It's that simple.

Want To Join?

This is about quarter tosses; chances to learn and grow. Opportunities. Probabilities of getting seen, access to jobs, projects, portfolio building and network with peers by becoming a member.

We're about amplification. Providing more chances for people to see your foundation profile, your Linkedin profile and get more chances to get an offer for new opportunity.

Sound interesting? 

If you meet the requirements and pay the $99 dollar a year membership fee, you too can work to improve your odds.

We're small. We're scrappy. We want to grow. We need your help do to it.


Our Founders:




Atlanta, GA

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Boston, MA

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Director of Platform

Boston, MA

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Every dollar which goes into the foundation, goes into the operations of the foundation. Our founders don't take a commission, fee or paycheck.

So why do they do it? With all this raw talent surrounding them, they like the odds.