Frequently Asked Questions:
What do analytics practitioners do?

Analytics Practitioners help you make business decisions. Even if you do not have large data sets or vast experience in statistics, practitioners can help you work through business problems and identify methods to make data driven decisions.

What types of engagements can I have with practitioners?

Our Practitioners are free agents. This means they are allowed to enter any agreement they chose to. This could be as part of a nonprofit client, a for-profit client, a traditional, full employment offering or even an academic engagement.

The price, the terms and the relationship are up to you and the practitioner.

How do I interact with a practitioner?

You can find our practitioners listed under our 'Services' or 'Directory' page, where each has the ability to request a time for contact.

After this initial contact, you and the practitioner can arrange for any communication you prefer.

What does this cost?

Currently, there is no cost to browse the practitioner list and initiate communication with a practitioner. The costs for a practitioner's service vary by the practitioner and you will be able to discuss terms with them directly.

We do not take any service fee; your money goes directly to the practitioner.

How do I become a practitioner?

If you have a Masters level or higher degree in data science, business analytics or related field, or you have executive level credentials from an accredited university of the same categories, you can apply to become a practitioner.

We will accept applicants who can demonstrate substantial work experience also on a case by case basis.

What does practitioner membership cost?

Currently, there is a yearly membership fee to be a practitioner, which is $99 and billed every 365 days upon sign-up. 

This gives you access to be displayed on our practitioner directory, added to our exclusive LinkedIn group and added to our practitioner Slack account.

How is this different than freelancing platforms?

While there are some similarities, freelancing platforms are not generally also professional clubs, which provide networking opportunities. Our members can be from different institutions, different top tier schools and a variety of work experiences. 


Further, we work to cultivate partnerships with other private analytics and data science clubs, to give unique access to projects and opportunities they might have open.


There is further difference in the amplification. We were founded upon a core principle of opportunity. We seek to provide more chances for opportunities to our members, by advertising them as professionals and as people to anyone who will listen. Members are displayed prominently on our site and we strive to keep it that way.

Last but not least, we do not see membership as being mutually exclusive to participating in a Freelancing platform. Use the membership as a credential in your own offerings and leverage the network to solve problems.


If I join, wouldn't I be in competition with other members?

Perhaps. However, this would be true if you were on any other platform. Further, if you are in the field or looking to get in, you are already in competition with our members, just without the benefits of joining!

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